Why Consider Me?

Over 20 years of design experience with steel, concrete, architecture, piping, electrical and mechanical designs. Plus years working on Pre-Construction visualization.
With practical experience on the shop floor, in the office and at site, I’m able to communicate and coordinate effectively with clients, stakeholders, owners, subcontractors and vendors.
I take the time and effort to sort out everything on a project. It’s one thing to know what’s correct but it’s another to know what’s missing or hasn’t been thought of. This is where I specialize and bring that unique perspective to all my work.

What I Offer

I work on the tools, designing, drafting checking, estimating or budgeting. Your quote provides a risk analysis balancing project budget, time, resources and requirements.

Understanding Requirements

Expert knowledge of Building Codes, CISC and ASD design requirements. Plus digging into the nitty gritty of the project specifications.

Working Precisely

Extremely self motivated to deliver professional results that exceed expectations. With the ability to multitask and manage multiple project aspects and prioritize the most important items.

Delivering Results

As a business owner, at the end of the day the biggest thing that matters is delivering "RESULTS".

Providing The Best Service In the Industry

Ready to build relationships that last

Past Experience

These are the highlighted positions I’ve held recently and beginning part of my career.

Review and create all documents and drawings for constructibility, fabrication and presentation. Provide support for clients, contractors and stakeholders through project requirement verifications, installation inspection and documentation. Coach and mentor junior employees. Deliver presentations for management, clients and stakeholders. Project coordination between disciplines, vendors, clients & stakeholders for planning, scheduling & budgets. Promote the creation of a work environment, supported by leadership, that fosters openness, trust, communication, teamwork, empowerment, innovation, and satisfaction.

Lead Senior CSA Designer


Owner – Startup, successfully procured and completed projects across North America for Disney World, Husky, Syncrude, Suncor and PCL. Maintained, scheduled and implemented workforce with contractors and overseas drafting offices. Provided cost estimates to clients and maintained daily contact with stakeholders.

Owner Drafting Office

Raycon Design LTD.

Checked all work prior to customer and stakeholder review. Managed all staff along with 4 satellite offices and overseas subcontractors. Developed standardized training methods to instruct junior employees. Maintained and developed internal auditing ISO procedures and compliance techniques. Preformed shop and site audits to ensure quality control. Inspected sites to ensure completeness and develop redline reports. Estimated job pricing and provided quotes for sales teams. Organized quotes from outside vendors for misc. parts and steel products.

Drafting Manager / Fabrication Coordinator

Westower Communications


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