How to Publish your Book

In this article you will learn about the 10 steps to self-publish your own book. I talk a lot about Amazon’s publishing network – Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) which is a self-publishing platform that I used to publish my first book.

If you’re interested in learning more about my book you can click here, Champion Speakers. It took me about a year to complete but I have worked with clients to get publish fast in as little as 3 months.

Followed these 10 steps to get your book published:

#1 Choose Use a Publisher or Self Publish

The first item to do is to research. When diving into the book publishing world you definitely have to do the research to decide if you want to go through a traditional publisher or if you want to go and self-publish. My choice was to self-publish.

Self-publishing is definitely way more affordable when compared to traditional publishers. Traditional publishers require major upfront costs which can total thousands of dollars. I went with the self-publishing route.

I encourage you to do your research and find a company to use for self-publishing your book.

I use amazon because they have great pricing on books and no upfront costs. When you’re a published author you buy bulk books. You can have your book on Amazon and on Kindle. You don’t have to go through anyone to approve your book.

You’re in control to decide when your book is done and when it’s ready to go to market.

#2 Have an Idea

The second Item is to get the idea. You need to start thinking about an idea for what your book is going to be about. Once you get your idea do more research to see what other types of books are in this niche.

Look to bring a unique perspective to your book, something that’s not already there.

During the idea phase it’s also a good time to start building your audience. Start with your social media
and begin presenting yourself as an expert on that subject. This is so important when writing a nonfiction book, a How to, or a guide.

To begin in social media start posting free information that your audience could use. People will start to follow you and you can being to become the expert.

#3 Develop a Schedule

Item three is to figure out your timeline. Writing a book can take as little as three months or it can take years. It really depends on how much of a perfectionist you are and how many words.

Start off by writing out a tentative timeline of everything that you’re going to be doing over the next couple of months. Lots of people want to write a book and they have fantastic ideas but they don’t get it done.

#4 Your Outline

Item number 4 is to make an outline. The outline is basically a table of contents, filled with the chapters that will be in your book. Start with some basic points or statements and then break it down into subcategories.

Then break those subcategories into more categories. An outline should look like a table of contents initially and then start noting more things below the chapters.

They don’t have to be complete sentences. Use phrases or bullet points that you want to talk about. Eventually you’re going to see that you have a lot of material to talk about.

The outline is the fundamental building block of your books so spend the time to get it right. Try to have it complete over the next 2 weeks.

#5 Writing

After you have that really developed outline can start changing those phrases and bullet points into sentences. Just do it like you did way back in high school. Use the main points, then have the sub-points and then expand on it.

Keep writing until you hit your page limit or until you’ve said everything that’s needed. Don’t attempt to do it all in one weekend or even one week because you will burn out.

There will be multiple drafts and look to your friends, family, collogues or mentors to validate your ideas.

#6 Find an Editor

Item six is to get your book edited. Do not publish your book without getting a professional editor to review your wok. It’s so easy to convince yourself that you can edit it or maybe a friend but this is the step that is going to make or break the quality of your final book.

When writing a book there are so many things that can go wrong and things that can be easily overlooked. An editor will check for grammar, spelling, sentence structure and even format.

#7 Final Edit

Once the book is back from the editor, is the time to do your final edits. Read over everything that the editor changed or suggested you should change.

It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to move forward with those changes or keep what you had originally.

Read over the manuscript a few more times. Read it out of order and order, back to front, front to back and just make sure you’re 100% really happy with it

Once you’re completed this final editing, it’s the end of the writing stage – YEAH! But it’s not the finished line yet.

#8 Book Cover

Item eight and you can do this while writing or editing your book, is the cover.

There are 2 options hire a graphic designer to do your book cover or if you have the skills do it yourself using a Photoshop program.

It’s worth the money to hire a professional to do the cover, because the cover is what’s going to make or break your book.

People always judge a Book by its cover. If you have an unprofessional cover it can drive your book sales down the drain.

Do it right and invest in a graphic designer for your cover art

#9 Formatting

Item number nine is our second last step. After you get the manuscript back from your editor and you have the cover art, it’s time to format the inside of the book.

This might require a graphic designer as well if you’re doing something like a photography guide, or a nonfiction book, or you have a fiction book with graphics.

You will have to design the interior and even if you just have a simple non-fiction how to book, there are different rules when it comes to formatting your book. Various publishing and distribution companies use different size fonts, margins and other requirements.

When you want to get published, KDP has an awesome guide on how Do It Yourself.

#10 Order the Proof Copy

This is the very last item, number 10 and that is ordering your proof copy of the book.

Before your book can go to publishing with amazon you have to purchase a proof. This proof copy is your sample copy to review before your book goes live.

You will get this copy in the mail. Then simply go through it. I’d recommend you read it a few times and give it to someone else to read. Make sure all the font sizes look good and there are no spelling errors.

Be sure that the cover is formatted exactly how you want it. Then once you’re happy you will approve it for distribution. Then your book is live!


Those are the 10 steps to self-publishing your own book. I hope you are excited to start your life as a published author. And this guide provided some guidance, on how to publish your own book.

If you’re interested in working with me to publish your book reserve your consultation NOW!